How to edit scanned PDF documents with OCR Converter

by RachelGreen On January 27, 2010 | Business & Finace | Hits: 262
Software you need: omnipage

With 99%+ character accuracy, one-click conversion to Microsoft Office and universal compatibility with any scanner, OmniPage 17 is the one tool to do it all — no other OCR software does as much, does it as accurately or does it as easily.

The combination of superior accuracy and functionality means OmniPage 17 saves organizations significant time and money. With this high-performance imaging software, you can radically improve the ways in which paper and digital documents are processed, archived and shared.

The Professional version of OmniPage 17 also includes the award-winning* desktop document management software, PaperPort 11 and PDF Create software that allows you to create a 100% industry-standard PDF file from any application. With OmniPage Professional 17 you can automatically batch convert files; monitor, recognize and convert files from incoming emails directly to your network; access scanned files from anywhere in your organization; archive documents directly into Microsoft SharePoint;This elite document imaging software is also ideal for scanning and converting high-volumes of documents, which allows you to refine data and improve collaboration.

OmniPage 17: As a superior document imaging software, more than you think — saves you more than you'll believe!

OmniPage 17 is the world’s most accurate document conversion application; it has 99%+ character accuracy so it can convert PDF and paper and PDF files into electronic files you can edit, search and share in the format of your choice. You can turn documents that would take hours to re-type into perfectly formatted documents in seconds.

This superior accuracy of this document conversion softwaremeans organizations save significant time and money by radically improving the ways in which paper and digital documents are processed, archived and shared. It’s simple to use, tasks are automated, information is easily accessed and productivity soars.

Even digital camera or iPhone pictures can be converted into files you can edit in your favorite PC applications, while scanned documents can be turned into electronic books specially formatted for easy reading on the Amazon Kindle so you can take your documents with you.

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